Gnomonica Baltica 2021

In 2021, Riga (57°N, 24°E) will host a conference “Gnomonica Baltica”. It will focus on historical and modern gnomonics in the Baltic region, as well as share sundialling experience and impressions from all around the world.

Friday, June 4, morning session. Professional meeting of sundiallists – sundial makers, sundial researchers.

Friday, June 4, afternoon session. Outreach presentations to a wider audience about the nature of sundials, their variations, traditions, challenges and aesthetics.

Saturday, June 5. Field trip: visiting sundials and open-air discussions.

Stay tuned for updates! For more information you can contact Martins via e-mail info @

Organizer – Latvian Astronomical Society.

Programme committee of the Gnomonica Baltica (by name, in alphabetical order): Darek Oczki (PL), Fabio Savian (IT), Kalev Koppel (EE), Martins Gills (LV), Romualdas Martinkus (LT), Valery Dmitriev (RU).

External linksRiga, public sundials in Latvia. Visit Sundial Atlas for data about sundials anywhere in the world (home –> sundials in the world).